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Personal Bookmark Manager

Roam (r[=o]m): move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment
Nomad (Nom"ad): a member of a people who have no permanent home
Roaming Nomad: internet surfer who has no stationary computer and who does not want to loose or forget gems he found.

Hi, This is homepage of Roaming-Nomad project, attempt to create usefull tool for managing your bookmarks and flow of information. sourceforge summary and info.


19.02.2006: PROJECT IS NOT DEAD. Version 0.7a was released: (115 kB). Some fixes, contains new features too. Check out readme for details.

Latest screenshot:

25.05.2005: Version 0.6a was released: (116 kB). Contains mostly usability improvements. Check out readme for details.

30.03.2005: Version 0.5b was released: (107 kB). We have tons of security updates and full xml export (which makes backups easy and fun :).

25.03.2005: Finally, public release: (102 kb). Lots of UI improvements, touched up functionality and feel (Further releases will appear here). You can see screenshot here: Screenshot or here.

13.03.2005: Fifth prerelease: (110 kb). New function include searching in links... Also, I've put readme file online for easies access


Lead programer, graphic artist. the only member: Petr zweistein Prokop ( zwe//i2st//ein [located] g//m4il {dot} com - sorry for leetish spelling, and please remove double slashes.)

Contributor: ibennetch

Quick FAQ

Why? isn't there fuction of this thats part of every browser?
Yes, all major browsers have this functionality, but:
  1. You are stuck with one computer at time, bookmarks you make in your work computer aren't transfered to your home pc, imagine making bookmarks in internet café
  2. I'm planing some neat fuctionality not found in browsers.
  3. No need to wory about them if reinstaling system or if you often switch different systems.
Ehm. There are sites that offer this as free service.
Yeah. But you should be concerned about this:
  1. Privacy - some of your bookmarks may be sesitive (for exapmle semi-secret project you are working at, or pr0n archives you accidentaly found.), and even if you are not secret agent, you surely dont want someome gathering informations about you. Also there will be option to make some of your link public and some private or even to allow your friends to log-in and see some of your semi-secret links
  2. Backuping - those services can be shut-down in minute without notification. And they usually dont have bacup options.
Fine, but is this necesary? I'm having my linksite in plain html and im happy with it.
It might work for you, but mysql/php hosting is really accessible, and trouble of retrieving your links page from ftp/editing it/uploading back is no match to comfort of simply log-in, add, log-out.


Next releases

Future functions

Current status:

Now were in "mature" status, it has all functions I envisioned when I was starting this project.

Development is slowed down, thou expect some updates over time. Logo