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Petr Prokop:


Roaming Nomad is a tool to help web surfers organize their discoveries and navigate the web with greater ease.

It is a bookmark management system with some unique functions and easy web access so that you can add and view links from anywhere.

Current key features are:



Note: this is application designed to be used as extranet application, installing it on your personal computer is not recommended. You want this to be able to access this from anywhere, don’t you? If you don’t have/(wish to pay) money for dedicated webserver, try some free web hosts, i.e. offers mysql hosting with php. It will work on your local computer, you just won’t be able to access it from other locations, which is one of the author’s primary goals.

Installation Directions

  1. Unpack to desired directory in your webserver document directory.
  2. Create database in MySQL ( sql/database.sql ). Note: you don't to use default database name. feel free to use anything that works for you and you hosting conventions.
  3. (optional) Create a new user in MySQL having full access only to your bookmark database.
  4. Edit and change the username and password to connect to the database edit the database name, and check the other parameters.
  5. In the bookmarks database, add your user (you can simply replace the current user).
  6. Open the site in your web browser
  7. Delete demo sections and links and to start collecting your links right away.

For aditional info concering using Nomad, see Help.

Known Bugs:

Possible bugs:

Updating old versions:

Note: updated are incremental, if you go from version 0.3b to 0.6a, you have to apply all database patches inbetween.

0.2a -> 0.3a

1) run update-0_2a-to-0_3a.sql on your db
2) overwrite all source files

0.3a -> 0.3b

None needed

0.3b -> 0.4a

1) execute update-0_3b-to-0_4a.sql
2) overwrite sources
NOTE: since this changes how new links are handled, you should edit and categorize all new links you have displayed on homepage ...

0.4a -> 0.42b

1) execute update-0_4a-to-0_42b.sql
2) overwrite sources

0.5b -> 0.6a

0) back up all data
1) execute update-0_5b-to-0_6a.sql
2) put settings fron config.php to
3) overwrite sources

0.6a -> 0.7a

None needed.


 * - information
 + - new feature
 ! - change of feature
 x - bugfix

 + Some graphical changes in listing of items [zweistein]
 x I hope that RSS is fixed now [zweistein]
 x Help fixed a bit. [zweistein]
 + In section display, whole path is displayed in title and in 1st line of table [zweistein]
 + Tables with links can now be sorted by clicking on their headers ( credits: ) [zweistein]

 * Backupping all data is heavily recomended when upgrading to this version.
 ! Reordered menu [zweistein]
 ! To-visit links are now ordered by overdue. [zweistein]
 ! After adding link, user is returned to page it was added from. [zweistein]
 + New setting page [zweistein]
 + User can change his password in settings [zweistein]
 + Some statistics can be seen in settings. [zweistein]
 x We count visits of categories. [zweistein]
 + Most controlls on index page now have mnemonics (marked by blue background). [zweistein]
 + Adding page has now option to get title of page. [zweistein]
 + Readme has been converted to html and spelling error vere fixed [ibennetch]
 x Database name was misspelled, lots of source code has been changed, database has been heavilly 
   altered too, see update-0_5b-to-0_6a.sql [ibennetch]
 ! Configuration data are now held in [zweistein]

 x Fixed security bug: anonymous users are no-more able to edit categories or reschedule links by 
   visiting it.
 ! Also, all pages are protected from url-massage (hopefully ...)
 ! Category trees are now ordered, hope this helps usability.
 x Additional design cleanups
 + Full XML export
 + Private categories implemented.
 + Private links implemented.
prerelease 6.5 (0.4.2b) 25.03.2004

 ! Rendering of links improved
 + New info box: history of visited links
 + Rendering of index.php tables moved to function to better organize code.
 ! Editing links dialog now contains clickable link. 
 + Much more comfortable login-logout interface (accessible from every page, remembers ones location ...).
 * Even better gui :)
 x Quick-jump now identifies category you are in.
 ! When to visit or to edit is empty, message is displayed
 + Ton of new schedule commands
 ! Search results are now ordered

prerelease 6 (0.4.1a) 16.03.2004

 x Corrected saving link info when new schedule was set, but not used for first time
 ! Help has now link to readme.txt (this file)
 ! Keywords and description of page are now more customized and allow better indexing (NOTE: currently, crawling through this page WILL destroy catalog as edit and delete commands are hyperlinks without user checking !!!)
 ! RSS has better integration
 ! Small design touch-up. hope it helps a bit.
 + Rendering links is now more maintainable
 x Rendering "never" visiting in cion is fixed
 + callto: protocol supported
 + Search results now include category of found links
 ! We are finally using logged user for something (disabled editing/deleting links for anonymous) :)
prerelease 5 (0.4a) 13.03.2004
 + Help page with meaning of used symbols
 + Added symbols of schedule to link display
 * Created nice headers for all files
 x Root of category tree is displayed in frontpage
 x Tootip in trees are now correct
 + Basic search implemented
 + RSS export
 ! Editing link also displays info
 ! Default names for linkd are now trimmed
 + Logging in for users - it does not do anything else than log in and display who is online though
 ! Going up from root moves user to index
 ! New links have different handler
prerelease 4 (0.3b) 22.01.2004

 + selection of categories in edit link and edit category are in trees for easier navigation
 + links to categories are now under folder images, link images link to url without visitcheck
 + tree of all folders on homegae
 + all pages got quicl link dropdown to all categories.
 x fixed save category
 + security is increased - all incoming data is filtered fo xxs attacks.
 * Title of page is more informative 
 * Version diplay
prerelease 3 (0.3a) 16.01.2004

 x - added link now redirects back to category its was created in and not to root category
 + - homepage has more info
 x - to-edit links are no longer included in to-visit
 + - index.html has code and redirects to index.php, thus installation of apache which dont support index.php as default page have workaround
 + - new protocols recognized: gnunet, news (usenet) and gopher
 + - favicon.ico
prerelease 2 (0.2a) 31.12.2004

 * More usable, security is current problem (no loging in and user verification ... anyone can delete whole database right now)
 * Minor changes in db
 ! links are added without bugging setting
 ! the same for categories
 + scheduled revisiting
 + counting visit statistics
 + more protocol icons (https, gopher)
 ! some gui changes
prerelease (0.1a) 27.12.2004

 * All in all, this is usable, but not recommended to run.
 * Database design is not solid, new colls and tables will arrive to acomodate more complex functions
 + Section handling (creating, assigning to parent and editing info, deleting) 
 + Link handling (creating, assigning to parent and editing info, deleting) 
 + Link automaticaly gains icon of used protocol (http://, ftp:// ...)